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  Terra Nova Counseling, founded in 1985 as A.F.T.E.R. Counseling Agency, provides psychotherapy, counseling and education to residents of the Sacramento Region to help promote their growth and development personally and in their communities. With approximately 40 therapists and 10 Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Terra Nova is one of the largest County-contracted providers of mental health services for MediCal-eligible children. Approximately 500 children and their families are seen weekly in office or in the child's school or home in our Children's Services program.

   The Behavioral and Community Services program sees adults and children, either individually, as couples or as families. In addition to psychotherapy, BCS staff offer group counseling in anger management, parenting and co-parenting skills, and as part of juvenile diversion programs run in conjunction with the Citrus Heights Police Department and the Sacramento County Sheriff Department. BCS also accepts managed care patients and is able to accept some clients on a sliding scale.  BCS and Children's Services are located with the agency administration and business services at 7844 Madison Ave. Fair Okas, CA Suite 152. 

  Terra Nova also provides counseling and educational services through its two Drinking Driver Programs for those convicted of a DUI or who are required by DMV to attend the program. The program ranges from 3 to 18 months in length based on the severity of the conviction and whether the person is a first-time or multiple offender. The programs are located Midtown at 19th and K and on Northgate Boulevard at Del Paso Road in Natomas.