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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Behavioral and Community Services Provides a Broad Range 

of Counseling Services​

​    Behavioral and Community Services (BCS) houses most of the outpatient mental health services of the agency that are outside of the Children's Services.  For clients seeking therapy or counseling, therapists meet with new clients to complete an intake assessment to determine a treatment plan.  Other clients may be here because of a specific program we offer that they are required to attend.  In such cases, our staff does the appropriate intake and history as preparation for their placement in the specific program.  The length of services depends upon the specific program or the needs of the client.

couples counseling.png     Sometimes people find that they need to talk about their relationship.  We can see people for pre-marital counseling to evaluate the couple's communication styles to help them better understand each other.  If the relationship is having problems, we can help with that, too.

     The list on the right side of the page gives you a good idea of the range of services we can provide.    In some instances, we are able to offer reduced fees based on your proof of income.  Talk with the person who schedules your appointment about whether you qualify.



​Coming Soon:  Counseling available online for those who are home-bound and cannot otherwise obtain therapy services.

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BCS Serves:






We offer:

   Individual counseling

   Couple counseling

   Family counseling

   Group counseling

   Educational classes

Our programs include:

   Family Reunification

   Victim Witness

   Managed care (adult MediCal)

   Alcohol and Drug

   Anger Management


   Private pay

Pre-marital counseling

Marriage enrichment communication skills​

   Juvenile Diversion & Education

   Supervised Visitation