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   Terra Nova's Children's Services program sees about 500 children and their families weekly, either in our offices or in the child's school or home.  Families on MediCal may receive these services without charge.​

​​​​​    WHAT WE OFFER

  Terra Nova offers a broad array of services for children and their families qualifying for these services. Under contract with Sacramento County Children's Mental Health, Terra Nova is one of the largest providers of such services in the County. Skilled therapists do an initial assessment of the child and then create a treatment plan to address the child's specific needs.

    We have Child & Adolscent Psychiatrists on staff who can do more in-depth evaluations if required and can help with medication management for the client.

   All of our staff are licensed therapists or interns and have a special affinity for working with children. They often use art therapy or games as a means to engage the child and begin conversations. 

 ​Adriana and Michael doing sand tray.jpg​​​Here one of our therapists works with a child using 

sand tray techniques to help him tell a story about 

what's on his mind.


If you believe you, or someone you know, qualifies for these services, you may contact us directly at (916) 344-0249, and we will help you through the ​County referral process.

To handle this yourself, contact the Children's Access Team, Sacramento County Children's Mental Health​, at (916) 875-9980.  If you wish to be seen at Terra Nova, you must say so when you call.

The child must qualify for MediCal to receive services and must be 0-21 years of age.


 Terra Nova clinical staff use evidence-based practices (EBP)​ to provide services.  This means that staff train in and learn the applic​​ation of treatment modalities that have been proven to be effective, especially in treating certain types of problems. Terra Nova staff use EBPs such as Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)​ and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).  Learn more about PCIT by clicking here.

​  More and more we are learning that early childhood trauma, such as abuse and domestic violence, often is at the root of later behavioral and mental health issues.  For that reason, most of our therapists have been trained in trauma-related therapies.  Since many of our clients are referred by Children's Protective Services or in foster placement, this approach is especially useful.

Niqua and kids playing game.jpg

​    We also have one of few Juvenile Sex Offender (JSO) treatment programs in the area.  Four therapists work primarily with these adolscents who typically are referred by Juvenile Probation. These young people are not high-risk offenders, and through individual and group counseling we are able to help them understand the nature and impact of their behaviors and learn to act in appropriate and safe ways.​