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DUI Program

Please call the following locations for DUI  Classes:

Madison/Manzanita :916-999-8881

Downtown :916-444-5680

Natomas: 916 -564-0600

DUI Program

Sacramento County ranks 21st out of the top 100 cities in the nation for arrests due to drunk driving. It is also 57th in deaths from DUI crashes, 33rd in the incidence of binge drinking,​​ and 6th in deaths from liver diseases.  Like many cities with high DUI rates, the Sacramento laws are perceived as being among the least harsh.  

Sacramento County, however, has engaged in several pilot studies to decrease the DUI problem. The courts, the Department of Motor Vehicles and Probation can require an individual to complete an educational and counseling program designed to address the issue of driving under the influence. Typically the participant has had their license taken away, and they may be unable to drive legally or are driving on a restricted license that limits when and for what purposed they may drive.

The length of the required program can be 3, 6, 9 or 12 months for first offenders and 18 months for multiple offenders. A six-week course is required for those convicted of a Wet and Reckless. The length of the course is determined by the legal charges, the blood alcohol level and whether the individual has had another DUI conviction in the prior 10 years. The cost of the program is borne by the participant.

Participants complete an intake session and are given a schedule for required classes and appointments. Attendance is strictly regulated because completion of the class is court-ordered.  To the extent possible, counselors try to work with the individual's home, school and work schedules.


DUI program

More Information on the Program: 

Sacramento County has four approved providers of which Terra Nova is one.  All four providers charge the same rates, so people usually select a program based on location or sometimes based on the recommendations of others. California law does not accept online courses to satisfy the requirements for reinstatement of one's driver's license.  ​To learn more about the program requirements and the fees, and to obtain information about the other Sacramento County providers, click here​.

Some of the information on the page might be outdated.

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