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Please make certain your device has your name or some way of identification.


Be punctual.


You will be able to join in the waiting room 5-10 minutes prior to the session start time, and once we are started, no late entries will be allowed.


You MUST be dressed in appropriate attire, and please keep restroom breaks to a minimum.

Make certain your device is well charged so it does not end your session early (this is considered an absence and you will not receive credit for the activity).  Each session is 2 hours, except 1 hour for Re-Entry session (18 month program only).


Please make certain your device is compatible and functional because there will be no excuse for devices that fail to operate once you are logged into the session. 


Please be mindful that this will be a session with all participants viewing, so please make certain you are in a location that is private with no distractions i.e., pets, children, music, TV, etc.  No eating, drinking (water ok in clear container), smoking or Vaping, etc



No offensive language, no discriminatory remarks, no sexist, ageist, or racial comments.


Once you attend the session, program rules and regulations will apply.


Participants are to follow the same rules as if attending on-site and not being under the influence of alcohol or any other mind-altering substances.


If you are scheduled and are late by not signing in on time, or sign-off from the session early, you will be charged an absence, and can also be discharged if your absences are exceeded the program requirement.


While attending the sessions, Participant must be in an appropriate setting.


You MUST be present during the whole session; video and audio selection must be turned on and Participant able to be viewed and heard during the entire session.


Terra Nova reserves the right to remove the Participant from the session who violates the rules, and if removed, you will be charged an absence.

Live Virtual Services via a secure platform Rules

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