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To attend the County requirement of the MADD VIP. (Does not apply to Wet Reckless). Participants who attend final Face-to-Face session and MADD VIP is not completed, will be terminated. We recommend you complete the MADD VIP within the first 60 days of enrollment.



That no credit is given for classes previously completed for fees paid, if the Participant is terminated from the Program for more than two years.  Participant will be required to begin a new program, with all program requirements. Exceptions with documentation: (1) medical or (2) incarceration.

Rules and Regulations


That participants terminated from the Program will owe for services rendered and any fees or charges incurred. 


That participants who have completed their sessions and owe a balance, will not have a DL-101 issued to DMV and will not be considered completed until paid in full


Terminations will be reported to the appropriate referral source i.e., DMV, court, or probation/parole.


That participant not attending the Program as a condition of probation or in accordance with a Court order, if terminated may reinstate immediately after dismissal.


To willingly participate in the Program which will last a minimum of 6 weeks, 3, 6, 9, or 18 months. 


To attend the program components as required by the Program.


To pay the program fee and all charges accrued while in the Program as agreed.  The Notice of Completion (DL-101) will not be issued unless account has been paid in full.


To maintain an acceptable attitude during all program activities.


To sign a Promissory Note if all program requirements and hours are completed, but still owe a balance.


That transfers with credits will only be made on accounts paid in full for services rendered.


To pay with PayPal or Money Order only (no checks, cash, credit, or debit).


To attend one session per calendar month as a Multiple offender while in Re-Entry Phase.


To attend all scheduled program components unless an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) has been granted.


To not exceed the maximum number of absences allowed for the duration of the Program (Upon re-instatement from the Program termination, absences will be reinstated to the maximum allowed.)


To make up all missed requirements to be granted a completion from the Program.


To request a Leave of Absence when unable to attend any scheduled program component for 21 days for longer.  (Does not apply to Multiple offender Re-entry Phase).

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