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Leave of Absence

You must request a LOA if you are unable to attend any scheduled program component for 21 days or longer.   May request a LOA for less than 21 days.

Time missed while on LOA will not be counted as participated time in the program and will delay program completion.

You have 21 days from the scheduled return date to attend a session or be terminated.

You must submit a required written request with documentation to substantiate the leave for approval prior to LOA. If the Participant requests retroactive approval for a LOA, they must also explain the circumstances that prevented them from requesting prior approval. Contact your location to complete LOA requestuesyt

All scheduled program requirements missed while on a LOA will be added to the end of the schedule.

Leave of Absences are granted for the following reasons ONLY:

  • Military personnel whose orders or responsibilities requires an extended absence.

  • Participants whose work requires travel for extended periods of time. 

  • Participants who are absent due to their own extended illness or medical treatment or that of a family member. 

  • Participants who are incarcerated or are in a residential alcohol/drug abuse recovery or treatment program. 

  • Participants who cannot participate in the Program due to an extreme personal hardship or family emergency.  Reason for Hardship or emergency must be specific and documentable.

  • Participant can request an LOA for vacation.  A leave shall be granted for a vacation only if all absences are made up and outstanding fees are paid. 


Participant must submit a Reschedule Request at least 2 hours prior to the start of group, education, or individual sessions and is charged a Reschedule Fee of $25.00. Submit the request by email only.

If a participant does not notify our office via email 2 hours prior to the scheduled session, participant is charged a Missed Session Fee of $50.00.

Causes for Termination

Failure to comply with rules and regulation of the Program.

Subsequent conviction for driving under the influence.  (Will require a new enrollment and no credit given for sessions completed under the current enrollment).

Failure to maintain program sobriety.  Program sobriety means that Participant shall not attend program services, activities, or DUI Program sessions while under the influence of any amount of alcohol or drugs.

Failure to obtain an LOA when unable to attend any scheduled program component for 21 days of last activity including intake date.

Failure to resume attending program activities within 21 days of the scheduled return date from an LOA.

Exceeding the number of allowed absences per enrollment period without an approved LOA. 

Failure to comply with the additional County requirement to attend MADD VIP.

Being physically or verbally abusive or acting in a threatening manner to a program staff or other program participants.

Failure to pay program fees as agreed.

Failure to participate in a required program component within 21 days of transfer to another program. 

Violation of the rules may result in your participation in the privilege of Telehealth services being revoked, and subsequently being referred to In-Person services only.

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